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Black is the epitome of sophistication, although technically, it's not a colour at all. When it comes to black gemstones, they don't play with visible light; they keep it all to themselves.

You see, the colour in gemstones comes from how their atoms dance with the spectrum's various colours. Imagine a fiery red Ruby – it's like a greedy light-eater, devouring all the green and blue and saying, "I'll keep the red, thanks!" But when it comes to the bling like Diamonds and Zircon, they're the life of the party, reflecting all the colours in the spectrum.

Now, back in the day, wearing black had some serious meaning. Men in black? They were seen as smart and strong. Single ladies, though, were sometimes called fickle and foolish for rocking the noir (we know better now, right?). For married women, black symbolised unwavering love and tenacity. It was the Saturday of colours, linked to the mighty Saturn, and was the hue of rebellion.

In the gem world, black gems are like nature's rebels. Earth has only a handful of genuinely black gems: Jet, Haematite, and the ultra-rare Black Spinel. Black Onyx? It's a crafty one, dyed using a technique from ancient times. Then there's Tektite, born millions of years ago when a meteorite crash-landed and got chummy with Earth's rocks, birthing one of the rare out-of-space gems. As for Black Diamonds, they're a curious case – not pitch-black, but more like a shimmering black raven feather, thanks to their dark inclusions.

And if you're wondering about that famous black Diamond ring worn by Carrie Bradshaw, you're in good company. That dazzling gift from Big stirred up plenty of conversation and had people swooning over its unique charm. So, next time you're captivated by the allure of black gems, remember, there's more to them than meets the eye – they're the rebels with a cause in the world of precious stones.