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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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We think that these simple 9ct Gold Blue Topaz studs are a very special pair of earrings indeed here at Christine Alexander!

Although gemstone studs aren't unusual to come across, the pale coloured, icy Topaz stone sets this pair apart from the rest.

The masterfully hand-cut Blue Topaz glitters ice blue sparkles that compete with the morning frost when the sun hits just right... crystal clear! 

The basket setting amplifies and strengthens the brightness of theTopaz tenfold, allowing light to bounce through the stones, and perfectly contrasting the warm Yellow Gold against the pastel blue hues. 

What a perfect way to interpret the "something old, something blue" saying for your special day...?

These studs are also available in Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby and Garnet, and a matching pendant is also available.

Topaz has been known as a powerful magnetic stone throughout the ages, that attracts love and fortune. Having been discovered over 2500 years ago, Topaz gems are also called apocalyptic stones. The Greeks felt that it gave them strength, as well as supposedly relieving insomnia, and restoring sanity; it was even said to be able to detect poisons. The Egyptians believed the stone received its colour from the golden glow of the Sun God - Ra. In the 1100s a large Golden Topaz was said to have been donated to a monastery by Lady Hildegarde (wife of Theodoric, Count of Holland), which was so luminous that it was used at night to light the inside of the chapel. In  Europe during the Renaissance (1300 – 1600) Topaz was believed to break evil spells and dispel anger.

Blue was once amongst the rarest colour to be seen in Topaz. Today, through colour treatments being refined, there are three stunning Blue Topaz colours: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue. This pendant is Sky Blue, the lightest variety of Blue Topaz (20 to 30% tone) and when they feature great clarity can often look similar to Aquamarine.

The beautiful birthstone for November. That said,  its gorgeous brilliance and crystal clarity make it a wonderful gift for all occasions.

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