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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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This Diamond heart bracelet is such a dazzler! Featuring .29cts of gorgeous well-matched stones set in 9ct White Gold, this piece has icy undertones that give it a bit of an edge.

We love that you can see some skin through the Diamond heart. In addition to the brilliant cut stones forming the open heart, there are two bezel-set Diamonds in attendance an inch either side from the main event. The Diamonds are all G colour, I1-2 in clarity. In Diamonds of this quality, you can sometimes find with a loupe some light feathering and striations which are caused by the natural processes which originally formed in the stone. These are one of the things that jewellers look for when identifying a genuine gemstone. The gems in this bracelet have been beautifully cut and matched. Their icy brightness in contrast with the cool White Gold gives the piece a real charm.

7.5" in length. 

Said to be “a girl’s best friend”, the name 'Diamond' derives from the ancient Greek word ‘adamas’ meaning invincible. The quality of this gem’s colour, clarity and cut are more tightly measured than for any other gemstone, and although there are various standards used across the globe, that of the Gemological Institution of America (GIA) is the most widely used.  The value of similar carat weight of Diamonds can vary dramatically, based on their clarity and colour - and to some extents more importantly - how well the gemstone has been cut. Its very high refractive index is what gives the gem its famous sparkle; its strong lustre is described as an adamantine lustre.

 White gold is usually enhanced with Rhodium plating. To preserve this plating, avoid swimming in your jewellery as chlorine, in particular, can cause faster degradation. Chlorine is present in small amounts in tap water, so it is best to avoid getting your jewellery wet where possible.  It is a simple matter to have items re-plated.

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