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Here we present a 9ct Yellow Gold cultured Pearl pendant and chain necklace. The simple yet elegant piece uses a cultured Pearl set into a circular pendant decorated with cubic zirconia. The pendant is supplied with a 9ct Gold 16" trace chain, with a 2" extender making the full potential length of the pendant 18". The combined weight of pendant & chain is 1.6 grams.

Pearl is arguably the most desired of the organic gemstones. It is amazing to think how nature can turn an unwanted grain of sand into one of the most gorgeous gems in the world.

A Pearl is one of just a handful of organic gems  (the other well-known ones being Coral, Amber and Jet). If a foreign object, such as a grain of sand, enters a mollusc it becomes an irritant to the creature inside, so in order to protect itself it releases a silky substance, known as nacre, to cover the uninvited guest. It may be a very beautiful thought to think natural Pearls form in the sea and are discovered when divers find them at the bottom of the ocean, but at what expense are we retrieving this treasure? Cultured Pearls on the other hand, refer  to Pearls that are grown in environmentally- friendly Pearl farms. Many people today prefer to know that their Pearls are cultured so as to avoid the possibility that they may have been taken from the likes of a protected Coral Reef: the good news is that around 99% of today’s Pearls are indeed cultured.

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