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This Amethyst Cabochon ring has very good colour, 8mm by 10mm, set low on the finger. Airy Celtic/Art deco style, a very comfortable ring to wear. Hand-carved design. Also available with a Moonstone or Opal centre stone; please contact me. 

4.15 grams total weight, available in sizes M-R. For sizes outside this range, please contact me.

Throughout history, Amethyst has been one of the most popular and mystical of all gemstones. Amethyst is the name given to purple Quartz and some believe that its name derives from the Greek word “Amethustos”, “A” meaning “not” and “methustos” meaning “to intoxicate”. In ancient times, wealthy lords who wanted to stay sober were said to have had drinking glasses or goblets made from Amethyst. While pouring wine for their guests they could serve themselves water, as the dark purple hue of the gem would disguise the colour of the drink so it looked like wine, thus allowing the lord to appear to be partaking in a tipple.

Amethyst occurs in many shades, from a light, slightly lavender pinkish to a deep purple similar to that of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. It is the birthstone of February. It is also associated with the zodiac signs of Pisces, Aries, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

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