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Let's take a little journey back in time, shall we? White Gold, that beautiful and elegant metal, made its debut in the 19th century. It came to life by mixing Gold with a dash of Palladium. But it wasn't until 1912, in the enchanting town of Pforzheim, Germany, that it became commercially available. And then, in the mid-1920s, it started to steal the show as a wallet-friendly alternative to Platinum. How's that for a touch of history?
Now, what's it made of, you ask? Well, it's like a magical alchemy of Gold, copper, zinc, and nickel. But here's a fun twist – more recently, because of those pesky nickel allergies, the nickel in the alloy often gets swapped out for a member of the Platinum family. So, whether you're going for the classic mix or the newer, allergy-friendly version, White Gold has got you covered in style. ✨🕰️💍