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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Hey, fellow adventurers and explorers! Brace yourselves for this jaw-dropping 14ct Yellow Gold globe pendant – a perfect gift that's more than just a charm; it's a whole pendant extravaganza, standing tall at 23.88mm. And let me tell you, it's not just about the bling; it's a statement for those who thrive on wanderlust. Weighing in at a cool 2.9g on average, it's the kind of piece that screams, "Let's go on an adventure!"

Now, here's the scoop – I've got a thing for letting you craft your own style story. Chains and pendants are sold separately because, let's face it, we all have our unique tastes. Mix and match to your heart's content, but if you're feeling a bit indecisive, I've got a stellar recommendation waiting for you.

And oh, there's a whole treasure trove beyond what you see on the site. If you're not finding your dream piece, slide into my DMs. I've got discounts on chains when you snag them with a pendant – because why not make it a bundle of joy?

Now, let's talk logistics. This stunner is made to order, jetting in from the USA. Give it a sweet 6-8 weeks for delivery, although historically, I've never been twiddling my thumbs for more than a fortnight. So, you might just get a surprise!

Feeling a bit light on the wallet? No worries – I've got a layaway plan that's as stress-free as it gets. A 25-50% deposit gets the ball rolling, and then you've got up to six months to dance through the payments. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – you choose the groove. Your treasure ships out as soon as it's fully paid for. Flexibility is the name of the game – hit me up for the deets. PayPal is required, of course.

Now, a bit about enamel – it's like the wizardry of glass! Quartz sand, iron oxide, potash, borax – they all come together to create this explosion of colours with the help of metal oxides and chlorides. Think of it as jewellery alchemy!

And let's not forget the globe – it's not just a travel symbol; it's been an emblem of power since Roman times. Think world domination vibes and divine associations with Zeus, Cupid, Apollo, and Cybele. Plus, it's been the bling for Holy Roman Emperors and British sovereigns, not to mention its stint as the Philosopher's Stone in alchemy.

Now, about me – I'm a one-woman powerhouse, armed with over 30 years of jewellery wisdom. If you've got a specific vision in mind, spill the beans, and let's make it happen. Thanks a million for checking out this gem – your support means the world! 😊💖🌍

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