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Introducing these delicate hoop earrings, made entirely from fiery 14ct Yellow Gold. Glistening and dainty, they gracefully span 16.1mm in length and 8.45mm in width. The secure embrace of Gold hinged Omega backs promises steadfast elegance. These are no ordinary hoops; they are a harmonious blend of simplicity and timelessness, a boho masterpiece tailored for the modern spirit. Crafted for the ease of everyday wear, they bestow an air of understated luxury to any ensemble. A radiant gift for celebrations, whether it's a birthday, a cherished friendship, a beloved soul, or even just a treat for your own reflection. Encrusted with a total of .814cts of rare Mexican Fire Opals, they are a celebration of maximalism in its most exquisite form. Muah, the epitome of beauty!

A quick side note: These exquisite earrings are a bespoke creation, journeying to you all the way from the USA. While the official timeline calls for patience in the range of 6-8 weeks, my personal experience suggests it is possible to find them nestled in your hands within a mere fortnight - thus far, at least - though this cannot be guaranteed as I am at the mercy of customs!

Now, let's share a whisper about Opal's soulful desires. With a higher water content, Opals ask for a little more tender care in this world of ours. Shield them from the scorch of heat and the harsh blaze of sunbeams. For should an Opal lose its moisture, it may bid adieu to its vibrant hues, or in rare instances, bear the marks of 'crazing,' those minuscule fractures traversing its surface. Should you decide to keep an Opal dormant for a spell, the wisest act is to cradle it alongside a dampened cloth or a tender wisp of cotton, cocooned within a hermetic plastic cocoon. Remember to peek in on it now and then, offering sustenance to the cloth if thirst takes hold. To cleanse these treasures, a gentle caress with a damp cloth shall suffice, while you should keep ultrasonic or steam contraptions at bay. Behold, the Opal, the designated birthstone for the radiant souls of October, a cherished guest at the 24th anniversary celebration of wedded love.

Now, allow me to introduce you to the captivating world of Fire Opal, where transparency meets the radiant hues of the sunset. Gilded in warm body shades ranging from yellows to oranges, sometimes even a fervent crimson. A departure from the traditional Opal's palette, Fire Opal ignites with an entrancing blaze of oranges and yellows, casting a warm embrace that dances with the flames. Also sometimes known also as Girasol, a name hailing from the Spanish term for sunflower, this gem unveils itself in pockets scattered across the globe. In lands like Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and Turkey, the earth graciously gifts us with this beguiling treasure. Nestled in the Mexican highlands, where ancient volcanoes paint the panorama, lie mines that birth small amounts of the radiant Fire Opal. Echoes of history and whispers of cultures intertwine, as this gem was believed to have claimed its genesis in the waters of paradise. From Ancient India to the heart of Persia, Fire Opal was revered as the emblem of fervent love. Gaze into its depths for mere seconds, and the world envelops you in a tender embrace, a cocoon of contentment harmonizing with nature's rhythm. It's whispered to bestow courage, ignite the ember of willpower, and infuse vitality into weary veins. In fact, an endless scroll through cyberspace may just unveil Fire Opal as the panacea for life's ails! While Fire Opal's presence is scattered across the globe, Mexico emerges as the most benevolent custodian, gifting the world with these luminous wonders. The vivid allure of Fire Opal sparkles with a brilliance that the Opal family rarely reveals, a testament to the gem's radiant spirit.

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