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Alright, sparkle enthusiasts and dapper gents, gather 'round! I've got something about to elevate your wardrobe to stratospheric levels of sophistication: natural black Onyx 14ct Yellow Gold cufflinks. These aren't just any cufflinks—they're the epitome of elegance and the final word in formal wear flair.

Key Features:

  • Onyx Stones: Each cufflink boasts a 5mm eight-cut Onyx stone, gleaming with that deep, jet-black allure that’s irresistible.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Measuring approximately 12mm in diameter, these cufflinks are designed to make a statement without shouting over your attire.
  • Solid Gold: Weighing in at approximately 10.46 grams, these beauties are crafted from luxurious 14ct Yellow Gold. They’re not just accessories; they’re investments in timeless style.

Now, these cufflinks aren’t just about looking good. Oh no, they carry a legacy. Cufflinks gained popularity back in the seventeenth century when men started attaching gold and silver buttons to small chains and pulling them through their shirt cuffs. Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution, and cufflinks were being churned out in masses, becoming the must-have accessory for businessmen across all social classes. Whether you're heading to a gala or just trying to outshine everyone at the office, these cufflinks will do the trick.

Onyx: The Gem of Legends

Onyx isn’t just any gemstone; it’s the James Bond of stones. Often found in its purest black form, it’s referred to as “Black Onyx.” This gem has a storied past—Roman soldiers believed Sardonyx (a variant with white and brown bands) endowed them with the bravery of heroes. Known also as "Black Magic," Onyx is the go-to for anyone wanting a touch of mystery and elegance.

Why These Cufflinks?

Because they’re made to order in LA and imported straight from the USA, you know you're getting something special. Yes, you’ll need to channel your inner zen master and allow 6-8 weeks for delivery but trust me, these are worth the wait. I’ve never waited longer than a fortnight myself, so fingers crossed for a speedy arrival!

Layaway Plan: Because Who Needs Instant Gratification?

  • Deposit: 25-50%
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—it's entirely up to you.
  • Interest-Free: Because I’m lovely like that.
  • Terms: Flexible. Contact me to get started. PayPal required. Item ships once fully paid.

The History Bit: Because Knowledge is Classy

Did you know that Diamonds can be dated by analyzing inclusions using the decay of radioactive isotopes? Diamonds found in kimberlites have ages ranging from 1 to 3.5 BILLION years. And, while Diamonds on Earth are rare, they’re practically everywhere in space. Diamonds even rain on Uranus and Neptune—how’s that for sparkle?

Out of Stock? Not Out of Luck! If your heart's desire is out of stock, don’t fret. It’s available for order with a lead time of 4-10 weeks. Drop me a line and I’ll do my absolute best to meet your needs.

So, there you have it. Whether you're waiting a few days or a few weeks, remember: great things (and truly fabulous jewellery) take time. Now, who’s ready to add a bit of sparkle to their life?

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