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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Hey there, Diamond darlings! Get ready to swoon over this absolute stunner of a bracelet. Picture this: a row of dazzling Diamonds set in an 18ct Gold rubover setting. It's elegance at its finest, and it's here to make your everyday outfits pop, elevate bridal gifts to a whole new level, and add that extra dash of sparkle to weddings. This bracelet is the definition of fine and dainty, and it's priced just right for the sheer luxury it brings.

You know you're getting the real deal because this bracelet is fully hallmarked. And let's be honest, it's not just a piece of jewellery; it's a special work of art you'll wear with pride.

Now, here's the exciting part – this beauty isn't limited to Yellow Gold; it also comes in White Gold. And hold onto your hats because instead of 1ct, you can have this bracelet set with up to 8cts of Diamonds. That's right, darlings, you can take the bling level up several notches!

Now, a quick heads-up: each bespoke jewellery item is as unique as you are, and it's made to order with love. That's why it'll take a little longer to reach you, about 6 weeks. And please note, because these pieces are made to order with care, they can't be returned.

Oh, and guess what? I offer layaway at easy-peasy terms. Just drop me a message, and we'll work out a plan that suits you perfectly. 💎💍✨

Now, speaking of Diamonds, did you know they're not just lying around everywhere? They're almost always found in kimberlites, which are volcanic rocks, on the oldest parts of continents. We're talking about areas that have been stable for a cool 2.5 billion years or more. And here's the kicker: not all kimberlites have Diamonds, and even when they do, they're usually super rare. So, finding these little sparklers can be quite the quest, but oh, so worth it!

And that name, "tennis bracelet"? It's got quite the origin story. Back in the 1987 U.S. Tennis Championships, tennis superstar Chris Evert was rocking an in-line Diamond bracelet during one of her matches. But uh-oh, the clasp decided to call it quits, and her precious Diamond bracelet slipped away. She wasn't about to leave it behind, so she asked for the match to be suspended until she found her bling. They granted her wish, and from that day forward, this style of bracelet became known as a "tennis bracelet." A true gem of a story, isn't it? 💎🎾

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