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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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The classic! A single stone Diamond pendant in a simple hallmarked 18ct Yellow Gold claw setting. 

The diamond is graded at G colour and Si1 for clarity. A very effective pendant. It is available in a range of sizes, from a discreet .10cts to a statement .75cts. Also available in 9ct Yellow Gold, and in either purity in White Gold.

Have you ever noticed why British made jewellery seems to cost more? One reason is that many pieces have to be independently tested and hallmarked to very strict tolerances (at the makers' expense) before it is legal to sell in the UK. Our hallmarking system is the oldest and most stringent in the world. All of the pieces I sell that should be hallmarked, are. 

Don’t forget that Diamonds can scratch any other gems or metalwork.

All gemstones can be damaged through wear and tear. Make sure you check for loose stones or damaged claws periodically. Always take your jewellery off whenever you are doing activities that might cause damage. Remember that household cleaners and chlorine in swimming pools can damage many gems.

Different gemstones need different care – remember that many jewellery cleaning products can harm softer, porous or organic gems. If in doubt, a soft moist cloth is suitable for cleaning any gem.

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