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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Check out this absolute gem—an 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond-studded bow necklace! It's not just a necklace; it's a tiny piece of art dangling from a fine cable chain. The pendant is bedazzled with twenty-four high-quality natural round brilliant cut Diamonds, totalling a minimum carat weight of 0.19ct. These Diamonds aren't just any Diamonds; we're talking G colour and VS clarity. The pendant is a mere 7x18mm, and the necklace is 17", with a ring at 16" for those neckline customizations.

And because we're all about options, this beauty is available in 18ct White Gold, and 18ct Rose Gold, and we've got matching accomplices—a dainty bracelet and a fabulous ring, all decked out in every metal you desire.

Now, let's talk practicalities. Eyeing this beauty but need some financial flexibility? Enter the layaway plan—a lifesaver that won't cost you a dime. No applications, no qualifications—just slap down a 25-50% deposit, and you've got a generous six months to settle the bill. Whether you're into weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments, pick the plan that suits your vibe. Your treasure chest sets sail as soon as the tab is paid. Terms? As flexible as a yoga class. Dive into my inbox to kickstart the layaway extravaganza. Oh, and did I mention? PayPal is the key to this kingdom, and the item is officially yours only when the payment tap is turned on. For all the deets, swing by the Policies page.

Now, let's unravel the mystery of the bow. Ever received a gift wrapped up in a bow? It's like a double dose of surprise, right? The bow, my friend, is the universal symbol of gifts and presents—the exclamation mark on the unwrapping excitement.

And oh, the saga of bow jewellery—it's like a story of women's liberation tied up in a chic little knot. Traditionally flaunted by the ladies, bow jewellery spins a tale. Pre-suffragette movement, women were stuck in their limited roles while men hogged the limelight. Fast forward to today, and voila, things have evolved. Tying a bow is like a metaphorical battle cry—a symbol of tension and release, much like the journey of women's rights. There's a smidge of irony, though, considering bows and corsets from the 19th century are like distant cousins. Some women see bows as a nod to old-school femininity, and hey, that's okay. Claiming an identity is empowering, whether you're a fierce political force or proudly embracing the "girly girl" within. It's all about choice and empowerment. 🎀✨

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