rUBY is the birthstone for July and all my Ruby pieces are currently discounted. Also Peridot pieces are a bargain right now (you can get ahead for those August birthdays)! Discount added at checkout. Please message me with any questions!💎💕


Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Alright, brace yourselves for a bit of Gold bling that's sure to jazz up your neckline – behold, the 18ct Yellow Gold cable chain, a nifty 16" number that's got a little room to stretch to 17". This baby weighs in at a modest 2.6 grams and comes stamped with a Hallmark of approval for 18ct Gold. And let's not forget the Diamonds – with a total weight of 0.12 carats, they're the cherry on top of this golden sundae.

And hey, if you're more of a White Gold kind of gal, fear not – we've got that too!

Your precious jewels come nestled in a Christine Alexander branded gift box, because presentation is key, darling.

Now, onto the good stuff – layaway payments are on the table! No need to break the bank all at once – just slide into my DMs, and we'll sort you out with a plan. Oh, and you guessed it, PayPal's the name of the game here.

And speaking of symbols, let's talk infinity – the ultimate emblem of eternal love and devotion. My infinity necklace is here to remind you that love knows no bounds. Plus, did you know the Infinity sign is woven into the very fabric of our being, from our cells to our genes? Mind blown, right? 🌀

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