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A stunning 18ct White Gold tennis bracelet featuring brilliant-cut natural Diamonds of SI1 clarity weighing between 3-10cts. Approximately 7-7.5 inches (19cm) in length when open. Looks stunning dressed up or down. Understated luxury and a true heirloom piece. Comes complete in a presentation gift box. A free insurance valuation is included with this piece.

LAYAWAY: I offer layaway, which allows you to pay in instalments with no interest over a maximum time period of six months. This item (3ct given as example) could be paid for with:

A deposit of £1,675

2 instalments of £1677.50

3 instalments of £1118.30

4 instalments of £838.75

5 instalments of £671

Terms are flexible. Please contact me to initiate. PayPal required. You do not receive the item until fully paid for. See my Policies page for Ts&Cs.

The name "tennis bracelet" came about after an incident at the 1987 U.S. Tennis Championships involving tennis champ Chris Evert. She was wearing an in-line Diamond bracelet while playing one of her matches, and the clasp broke. Her Diamond bracelet slipped off her wrist. She requested that the match be suspended until she found her bracelet. Her request was granted, and because of this incident, the bracelet became known as a Diamond tennis bracelet.

The youngest Diamonds are believed to have been formed over 100 million years ago!  For the necessary conditions to occur naturally, it is believed that Diamonds were created some 90 to 120 miles beneath the Earth’s crust. The only other valuable gem on the planet to crystallise under these hostile conditions is Peridot. Although Africa is still a major supplier of Diamonds, today it holds less than 50% of the market share, and it cannot control the market as much as it once did.

White Gold is an alloy of Gold and at least one white metal (usually nickel, Silver, or Palladium). White gold is usually enhanced with Rhodium plating. To preserve this plating, avoid swimming in your jewellery as chlorine, in particular, can cause faster degradation. Chlorine is present in small amounts in tap water, so it is best to avoid getting your jewellery wet where possible.  It is a simple matter to have items re-plated.

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