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A striking pair of 18ct White Gold Onyx & Diamond cufflinks, the perfect accessory for a dapper gentleman.

Two deep black cushion shaped Onyx are displayed proudly in luxurious 18ct White Gold leverback settings, surrounded by a sparkling ring of G colour, Si1 clarity Diamonds, their lovely .46ct weight feeling decadent when the cufflinks are worn.

Immaculate and fully hallmarked, these Art Deco style cufflinks are a superb collector's piece and would make for a wonderful heirloom to be passed down in generations to come.

Whatever the occasion, these beautiful cufflinks are the perfect accessory for any event and would make for a superb graduation, wedding or wedding anniversary gift.

Onyx is a fashionable gemstone that is often desired in jet black. When Onyx is pure black it is referred to as “Black Onyx” and owes its distinctive colour to an ancient dyeing process. Roman soldiers wore  Sardonyx (with white and brown bands) as talismans, believing that it made the wearer as brave as the heroes they had engraved onto the gem. Because of its different colour bands, the gem is ideal for making cameos, where the lighter colour tends to be carved, using the darker colour as the background. Some also refer to the gem as “Black  Magic”.

The youngest Diamonds are believed to have been formed over 100 million years ago!  For the necessary conditions to occur naturally, it is believed that Diamonds were created some 90 to 120 miles beneath the Earth’s crust. The only other valuable gem on the planet to crystallise under these hostile conditions is Peridot. Although Africa is still a major supplier of Diamonds, today it holds less than 50% of the market share, and it cannot control the market as much as it once did. Diamond is the birthstone for April and the anniversary gift for the 10th, 30th, 60th & 75th anniversaries. 

White gold is usually enhanced with Rhodium plating. To preserve this plating, avoid swimming in your jewellery as chlorine, in particular, can cause faster degradation. Chlorine is present in small amounts in tap water, so it is best to avoid getting your jewellery wet where possible.  It is a simple matter to have items re-plated.

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