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Regular price £4,520.00

18ct White gold Diamond 30pt and Ruby 4.95ct and bracelet with a box and tongue safety clasp. A modern ruby and diamond bracelet, with alternating diamond ovals and oval brilliant-cut rubies with diamond floral shaped haloes, set in an 18ct white gold openwork mount. Elegant and fine.  

LAYAWAY: I offer layaway, which allows you to pay in instalments with no interest over a maximum time period of six months. This item could be paid for with:

A deposit of £1500

2 instalments of £1510

3 instalments of £1006.60

4 instalments of £755

5 instalments of £604


Terms are flexible. Please contact me to initiate. PayPal required. You do not receive the item until fully paid for. See my Policies page for Ts&Cs.

Don’t forget that Diamonds can scratch any other gems or metalwork.

All gemstones can be damaged through wear and tear. Make sure you check for loose stones or damaged prongs periodically. Always take your jewellery off whenever you are doing activities that might cause damage. Remember that household cleaners and chlorine in swimming pools can damage many gems.

The gem of love, Ruby is the red member of the Corundum family and is often given as a gift to show the strength of one’s relationship. Most Rubies show purplish red to orangey-red hues; however, the overall colour (the colour is a  combination of hue, shade and saturation) can provide gem dealers with an indication of the stone’s original geographic origin. Ruby shows pleochroism, which means that the colour varies when viewing the gemstone in different directions and many can appear incredibly bright when exposed to the sun. Ruby has been a popular gemstone for centuries and has been set in many famous historic pieces of jewellery.

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