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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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What an exquisite example of the fine romantic Pearl jewellery! This 9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia and Freshwater Pearl floral pendant sets my heart on fire! 

The sumptuous 9ct Gold has been masterfully crafted to represent a fine flower with a bright and lustrous Pearl at its centre. Complete with sublime Diamond simulant circling the Pearl in all its splendour, we think this pendant is truly a winner. 

A dainty 16mm from bale to base, we would suggest a fine 16" or 18" Gold chain to add to this piece so you can wear this pendant straight away - sold separately.

In medieval times gold was considered good for your health, following the belief that something so beautiful and rare had to be good for you. I read recently that over 98% of all of the gold ever mined on our planet is believed to still be in circulation today. As gold effectively acts as a currency and can easily be melted down and converted to cash, this is the main reason why there is so little heritage jewellery that has survived the centuries. It’s not that gold is not durable; it is just the case that very few pieces have survived the various depressions and recessions. Once gold pieces are converted to cash they are normally melted, sold as bullion and then eventually resold to jewellers to manufacture back into jewellery. There is every chance that somebody reading this is wearing an item of gold jewellery, from which a portion of the metal in the piece was once worn by royalty.

Round, flawless, and orient are words you’ll hear relating to Pearls and these are qualities used to determine their value. Because no two Pearls are identical in shape or size, it takes a quality jeweller hours and hours to select matching Pearls when stringing them together for necklaces and bracelets. The finest Pearls do not have any flaws, bumps or marks in the nacre and they should have an even and clean surface. The final consideration when valuing Pearls is their orient. This is the word used to describe the lustre of a Pearl (also referred to as pearlescence). The orient is a soft iridescence caused by the refraction of light off the layers of nacre.

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