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Behold, a charming duo of round Emerald rubover stud earrings, ready to waltz their way into your treasure trove of adornments. These handmade marvels are fashioned from the warm embrace of 9ct Yellow Gold, clasping snugly with the embrace of a traditional post and butterfly fitting. Light as a whisper at just around .31g, they're your everyday companions, each gem a dainty 3mm in diameter, radiating a touch of elegance with every glance.

And what's the grand reveal? These precious gems come presented in a luxury Christine Alexander branded gift box, a nest for your cherished adornments, all surrounded by the cosy embrace of recycled elegance.

Let's talk variety, my dear! These adorable studs aren't just a one-gem show. They've got siblings in Ruby, Amethyst, Black Sapphire, Blue Topaz, and Garnet, each eager to join your ensemble and make a statement.

Oh, the enigmatic Emeralds, nature's intricate masterpieces, veiled in mystery. An astounding revelation claims that perhaps as much as a whopping 90 per cent of Emeralds bear the mark of delicate fractures. It's as if these gems, formed deep within the Earth's secret chambers, carry the whispers of their ancient tales etched in their very being.

Yet, here's the twist: these alluring fissures, though an integral part of Emerald's character, demand a cautious touch. They crave a cleaning ritual that doesn't disturb their fragile equilibrium. Steer clear of ultrasonic vibrations, for they might shake the already delicate fractures to their very core. And, my dear, while steam may be a remedy for many, for these gem treasures, it can awaken oils and resins nestled within their fractures. Instead, imagine a gentle dance of warm, soapy water and tender scrubbing – a caring embrace that lets Emeralds shine without fear.

In the grand tapestry of the stars, Emeralds find their cosmic companionship with the steadfast Taurus. They reign as the birthstone for May, an ode to the blooming wonders of spring. And let's not forget those milestone moments of togetherness – the 20th, 35th, and 55th anniversaries – where Emeralds whisper their timeless tales of love and endurance.

And now, a word on the waltz of dispatch – a well-rehearsed ballet where I endeavour to send your treasures on the same day. As a one-woman symphony, I twirl between the notes of stock availability and supplier partnerships, ensuring your piece finds its way home within the snug embrace of 5-7 business days for the UK. As for international escapades, a dance that requires patience, allow 5 to 30 business days for the grand entrance. And if the stars align and this piece appears to be taking a quick siesta from stock, fret not! A 4-10 week rendezvous is all it takes for it to return, gracing your life with its presence once more. Just share your desires, and I'll ensure the stage is set to meet them.

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