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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Behold the 5mm rope chain bracelet – a chic, quite literal twist on my fan-favourite curb chain. This chain means business, made from the hardiest Gold alloy in town, the 9ct Gold maestro. Clocking in at a sleek 7" in length and 4g, it's not just a bracelet; it's an ode to Gold resilience. Want to match your wristwear with a necklace? Got you covered – also available in chain necklace lengths.

I'm not one to make empty promises, but here's a 100% guarantee: this bracelet won't fade, lose colour, or tarnish. Why? Because it's the real deal – pure 9ct Gold magic. Want to flaunt it in the shower, the sea, or even while catching some z's? Go right ahead, this bracelet's up for the challenge.

Now, let's talk about the A-listers of hollow jewellery – hoop earrings, rope chains, bracelets, ball and post studs, and those intricate woven chains. But here's the rub – finding top-notch hollow jewellery can be trickier than mastering a cat-eye flick. The beauty of hollow bling lies in the bang for your buck. Picture this: you're on the hunt for a massive, chunky gold bracelet. Are you ready to drop £10k on a solid gold beast? Probably not – that thing would not only break the bank but also your wrist. Enter the hollow-form hero, a stylish alternative that rings up at a cool £2800.

Ready to rock this bracelet on your wrist? Good news – I've got Special Delivery for the UK, and it's headed your way in up to five working days. International glam enthusiasts fear not – worldwide shipping is on the menu. Brace yourself, shipping times vary depending on your spot in the world. Grab that Gold and get ready to shine! ✨

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