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Very beautiful 9ct Gold statement dress ring Set with a four oval Swiss Blue Topaz, totalling 1.25cts, interspersed with .15cts of bright brilliant cut Diamonds. These are natural Blue Topaz with a very fresh and vibrant ocean blue colour.

9ct Yellow Gold ring with British hallmark.

This ring is available in sizes J-Q. For sizes outside this range, please contact me. This design is also available in Citrine, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline, Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst. 

Comes complete in Christine Alexander recycled presentation box. Free UK and International tracked shipping. 

Topaz is the beautiful birthstone for November. That said,  its gorgeous brilliance and crystal clarity make it a wonderful gift for all occasions.

What little we know about the name of the stone is that the small island in the Red  Sea which is today known as Zabargad was once named “Topazios”. Although the island was the source of Peridot for Cleopatra, Topaz was not mined there at that time. Others believe that the gem’s name originates from the Sanskrit word “tapaz”, which means fire.

It has been known as a powerful magnetic stone throughout the ages that attracts love and fortune. Having been discovered over 2500 years ago, Topaz gems are also called apocalyptic stones. It is even suggested that if you wear Blue Topaz along with Moonstone it may help encourage the right mindset and willpower for weight loss (I'll report back, folks)! The Greeks felt that it gave them strength, as well as supposedly relieving insomnia, and restoring sanity; it was even said to be able to detect poisons. The Egyptians believed the stone received its colour from the golden glow of the Sun God - Ra. In the 1100s a large Golden Topaz was said to have been donated to a monastery by Lady Hildegarde (wife of Theodoric, Count of Holland), which was so luminous that it was used at night to light the inside of the chapel. In  Europe during the Renaissance (1300 – 1600) Topaz was believed to break evil spells and dispel anger.

Topaz is its own species and comes in a wide variety of colours. The Portuguese call the colourless type “pingos D’agoa” which means “Drops of Water”.  Most colours of Topaz on the market today, with the exception of colourless, light blue and yellow, derive their colour from either irradiation or heat treatment (if you heat yellow Topaz from the Ouro Preto region of Brazil, it is possible to turn it pinkish). Today  Topaz is sometimes coated, resulting in glorious multi-coloured Mystic Topaz.

Prior to the 1950s, golden yellow to peachy orange hues accounted for virtually all Topaz which had been discovered thus far. Today this is known as Precious Topaz. The confusion between Citrine, Smoky quartz and Topaz was heightened by the Brazilian word “Topazio”, which means yellow gem.

Reaching 8 on the Mohs hardness scale only Diamonds, Sapphire and  Ruby are harder. It is pleochroic, meaning, for example, a Red Topaz may show dark reds, yellows and pinkish reds.

Topaz is found in several mining locations around the world, with the most important areas being Minas Gerais, Brazil, the Ural Mountains of Russia, Madagascar and Nigeria.

Blue was once amongst the rarest colour to be seen in Topaz. Today, through colour treatments being refined, there are three stunning Blue Topaz colours: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue.

Until the late 1800s, Diamonds were among the rarest gemstones on the planet, and due to their incredible hardness, coupled with the belief that cutting them would reduce their magical powers, were often not faceted.  In fact, it was not until the 1400s that the first rudimentary facets were being applied to the gem. Then, in the late 1800s, everything began to change with the discovery of Diamonds in South Africa. Through huge marketing campaigns by the owners of these new deposits, the new kid on the gem block went from being fairly unknown, to unquestionably the global leader within half a century.


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