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Blue Topaz Yellow Gold ring, beautifully decorated with the Blue Topaz in a brilliant cut, which is especially flattering for coloured gemstones. The centrepiece is adorned with  .12cts of round cut Diamonds on either shoulder. A refined rubover design and an elegant combination of colours create a timeless piece of jewellery that is suitable for not only a special gift but also as a promise or engagement ring.

This 6.5mm brilliant-cut light Swiss Blue Topaz is an exceptionally luminous vivid variety of the Swiss Blue Topaz gemstone. It is not quite as pale as a Sky Blue Topaz; its unique almost pastel blue colour tone and brilliant lustre differentiate this gemstone from other colour varieties of Blue topaz. It is often worn as the December birthstone and is customized to make wonderful jewellery pieces.

Available in sizes J-Q; if your required size is outside this range please do contact me. Also available in Amethyst, Morganite and in White Gold with London Blue Topaz.

This ring can also be made bespoke in 9ct White Gold; please enquire.

This is the perfect gift for mum, wife, fiancee, girlfriend, valentine, daughter, family or friend. It is a special gift for Mother's Day, Valentine’s Day, wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Easter, New Year's and any holiday.

Topaz has been known as a  powerful magnetic stone throughout the ages that attract love and fortune. Having been discovered over 2500 years ago,  Topaz gems are also called apocalyptic stones.  It is even suggested that if you wear Blue Topaz along with Moonstone it may help encourage the right mindset and willpower for weight loss. The Greeks felt that it gave them strength, as well as supposedly relieving insomnia, and restoring sanity; it was even said to be able to detect poisons. The  Egyptians believed the stone received its colour from the golden glow of the Sun God -  Ra. In the 1100s a large Golden Topaz was said to have been donated to a  monastery by  Lady Hildegarde  (wife of  Theodoric,  Count of  Holland),  which was so luminous that it was used at night to light the inside of the chapel. In  Europe during the  Renaissance  (1300 – 1600) Topaz was believed to break evil spells and dispel anger.

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