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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Perfect for everyday style, this sparkling small Gold ear cuff is a jewellery box essential. Crafted in 9ct Yellow Gold, this chic hoop is versatile, stylish and easy to wear. The cuff features a row of glistening Cubic Zirconia for a touch of sparkle. These stones are channel set into the cuff, meaning there are no claws to catch in your hair.

When a classic pair of earrings is just not enough, add a unique ear cuff to elevate your look to cutting edge style. Once again unique styles are timeless, and we can thank the ancient cultures for the ear cuff or the “Kaffa” as it was called. The upper classes of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultures crafted the Kaffa from precious metals, stones and pearls with intricate designs, chains and pearls that clipped from the ear lobe to the nose or to the hair. They are recorded in history as far back as 2000BC, in simple brass. Stylish women in the 18th century eager to show their wealth and social status wore a modernized version of the Kaffa that resembled more of a classic earring but made of precious metals, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. By the 1950’s the style was embraced by fashionistas, society’s elite and celebrities and a French jeweller, Marcel Boucher patented his design; the “Earrite” was feminine, delicate and clipped to the earlobe. Always evolving with contemporary trends, the ear cuff can be bold and daring with intricate design elements or simple and delicate. So adorn your ear with a cuff that fits your personality and make it a dazzling addition to your jewellery collection.

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