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Hey there, royal gem hunters! Get ready to meet the most adorable little crown stud earring you've ever seen. This beauty is crafted from solid 9ct Yellow Gold and is fit for a king, queen, prince, princess, god, or goddess in your life. It's a quirky modern design cartilage stud that's been expertly brought to life.

Let's talk dimensions, shall we? This crown stud measures 7mm in length and 2mm in width at its widest point. The post is 5mm long, with a slim 1mm post gauge. And don't forget the tiny hollow back ball, measuring just 2mm in diameter. They're super lightweight, coming in at a dainty .21g, and you'll spot that 375 stamp on the ball, confirming their 9ct Gold status.

Of course, I don't just throw these treasures at you; they come beautifully boxed and ready to dazzle as a gift. 🎁✨

Now, here's a pro tip: I use a macro lens to get those close-up shots, which might make the earrings seem larger on your screen than they are in real life. So, be sure to read those dimensions and weights I've listed for the real deal. And please, double-check if these beauties will fit your desired spot before you hit that 'add to cart' button. Unfortunately, I can't do refunds or exchanges on pierced jewellery.

Oh, and speaking of crowns, did you know they've been symbols of victory, rank, merit, or election for ages? They started as simple wreaths made from laurel or olive leaves, herbs, reeds, or other plants. They'd pop up in wedding and funeral rituals or be awarded to winners at Greek games. In the world of religion, the crown takes on a deeper meaning, representing spiritual illumination and the crown of everlasting life.

So, there you have it, folks – these little crown studs aren't just cute, they're loaded with history and style. Get ready to wear your royal vibe with pride! 👑💛👑

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