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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Here's a little Halloween treat for you, folks! How about adorning your ear with a charming bat earring made of 9ct Gold? This little fellow clutches a pear-shaped Cubic Zirconia in its tiny claws, and we've even added a screwball back for your comfort and peace of mind.

Picture it: a dainty bat, about 12.5x5mm in size, with a 6mm bar length, all elegantly crafted in 18-gauge 9ct Gold. And let's not forget that 3mm diameter ball – it's all about the details, right?

When we send this gem your way, it'll arrive in a Christine Alexander branded gift box, because you deserve nothing less.

Now, let's chat about bats for a moment. These creatures often get a bad rap, but the truth is, they're all about death and rebirth. Picture this: they emerge from womb-like caves every evening at dusk, a symbol of rebirth if ever there was one. But there's more to it than that – bats are master communicators. Native Americans observed their highly social nature, nurturing behaviour, and intricate forms of communication within their groups.

It's worth noting that bats have been unfairly typecast in folklore. Sure, in European tales, they've been linked to vampires, but that was long before Europeans even knew about the existence of the much rarer vampire bats in South America (the only continent where they're found).

But guess what? Not all cultures see bats as evil. In Chinese folklore, these winged creatures are actually symbols of good fortune and luck. So, before you judge a bat by its cover, remember, that there's more to these little guys than meets the eye.

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