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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Introducing these delightful butterfly earrings, each graced with a petite Cubic Zirconia gemstone at the heart of a beautifully crafted 9ct Yellow Gold butterfly design, open and airy. Measuring a dainty 7x7mm, they come equipped with standard posts and secure scroll backs, all in solid 9ct Gold, and meticulously marked with the 375 hallmark. Crafted with care in a charming family-run studio in Northern Ireland, these earrings come nestled in a luxurious Christine Alexander branded gift box.

Now, let's dive into the symbolism of the butterfly. Today, it serves as a metaphor for a carefree and light-hearted spirit. Yet, its roots as a symbol run deep in history. The butterfly, with its incredible life cycle, has long been associated with immortality. Consider the stages: life begins with the humble crawling caterpillar, then transforms within the dark chrysalis, and finally emerges as a soul, fluttering free. This process mirrors the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

In the realm of Greek mythology, we find the captivating tale of Psyche, which translates to 'Soul.' It tells of a mortal who achieved immortality through her love for Eros, and his reciprocal love for her. This enduring myth often portrays Psyche with butterfly wings, further cementing the butterfly's association with the soul's journey.

So, these butterfly earrings not only add a touch of charm to your ensemble but also carry with them the timeless symbolism of transformation, love, and the enduring spirit of the soul.

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