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This is a really wonderful piece that is perfect for daily wear or special occasions. When I shop around for new piercing designs, I always keep style and durability in mind. Each and every one of my items are made from the very best quality materials possible with multiple quality checks along the way.

This pretty little flower stud is sold singly;  the picture is to illustrate the L-shaped post. It is made from 9ct solid Yellow Gold - no plate to flake off or fill to wear through. the post is .5mm gauge, the post is 10mm in total and the flower is 4mm in diameter. The stones are Cubic Zirconia. 

Please ensure the jewellery will fit your desired placement before purchasing as I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges on pierced jewellery.

There are a few key features of Cubic Zirconia that distinguish it from Diamond: 

Hardness. This causes sharp edges to facets in cut crystals to dull and rounds off in CZ, while with Diamonds the edges remain sharp. 

Cut: Cubic Zirconia gemstones may be cut differently from Diamonds. The facet edges can be rounded or "smooth".

Colour: A Cubic Zirconia is often entirely colourless: equivalent to a perfect "D" on Diamond's colour grading scale.

Thermal conductivity: Cubic Zirconia is a thermal insulator whereas Diamond is the most powerful thermal conductor. This is the way most Diamond testers work; by testing thermal conductivity.

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