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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

Regular price £595.00

Introducing an absolute stunner: a French Bulldog pendant that's a solid 9ct Yellow Gold masterpiece, decked out in pave-set Cubic Zirconia.

This little Frenchie pendant is a real showstopper and will make any proud French Bulldog owner's heart leap. It captures all the charm and personality of this special breed, right down to the tiniest details - spiky collar included!

Now, let's talk gold - this pendant is the real deal, none of that plating or filling nonsense. And just to clarify, this listing is for the pendant alone, but hey, I've got you covered with a sweet discount on chains if you decide to snag one with it. Trust me; it's a good call.

Got your eye on this beauty but need some time to pay? No worries, I offer layaway plans with terms that are as easy as pie. Just drop me a message!

Speaking of which, you might be wondering what "pave" means. It's pronounced "pah-vay," and it's a setting style where gems are nestled super close together, almost like they're holding hands. The result? A shimmering, dazzling look, like a well-laid pavement.

Now, about Cubic Zirconia - it's a clever man-made gem that mimics the sparkle of Diamonds and other precious stones. But don't worry, there's a nifty thermal conductivity test that can easily tell the two apart. Most Diamond testers have got this covered.

And to top it all off, your pendant comes in a fully recycled Christine Alexander branded gift box. It's the perfect package for a piece that's pure gold, inside and out!


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