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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Oh, these studs? Utterly enchanting! Cast in the gleam of 9ct Gold, they mimic the radiant geometry of an 8-pointed star, each corner cradling a twinkling Cubic Zirconia stone. A seamless dance of simplicity and elegance, these stars possess an innate brilliance that's as effortless as it is remarkable. Their minimalist allure is your perfect companion, whether you're conquering the day's routine or basking in the spotlight of a special soirée. And yes, these make for a splendid gifting choice, too.

Nestled within a reusable recycled box, my jewellery comes wrapped in eco-friendly charm, safeguarding its shimmer from any potential scratches. Small, yet a true keeper of treasures.

Got queries? Need guidance? I'm just a message away, eagerly awaiting to assist you. Your curiosity is my canvas, and together, we'll paint a masterpiece of understanding.

Now, let's talk Gold, shall we? It's the maestro of malleability, able to waltz into a monoatomic wire and stretch itself to nearly twice its length before taking a bow. Wrap your mind around this: a mere gram of Gold can be flattened into a sheet of a square meter, and an avoirdupois ounce can twirl into 300 square feet. And that's not all – Gold conducts the most enchanting heat and electricity, making it quite the socialite in the elemental realm.

Cubic Zirconia, my dear, is no ordinary crystal – it's the cubical form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), with a flair for stealing hearts. But let's not mistake it for its silicate sibling, Zircon, a natural gemstone with a different lineage. Cubic Zirconia took the stage in 1976 and has since been a sparkling sensation, capturing hearts with its affordability, resilience, and uncanny resemblance to Diamonds. It's like a glittering charmer that refuses to leave the spotlight, giving Diamonds a splendid run for their sparkle.

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