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This is a breathtakingly beautiful pendant with a stunning royal blue coloured lab-created Sapphire centre stone. When I first saw the finished Sapphire I was over the moon. Even I could not tell it was a created Sapphire. The colour is spot on - proper royal blue, without greyish or purplish hues. The cut and facets are perfect - gives the stone fantastic reflections and sparkle. 

White Sapphire accent stones and Rhodium plating on the setting finish this pendant in expensive-looking fashion. A matching ring and stud earrings are available to order. 

Also available with lab-created Emeralds and Rubies in this design.

Chains sold separately; I would recommend this one.

A lot of the Sapphires sold today were not mined from the earth but were actually created in a lab. Synthetic Sapphires (also known as created, cultured, or lab-grown Sapphires) are created through an artificial process that usually involves high temperature and pressure.

It should be noted that artificially produced Sapphires are not the same as fake Sapphires, which have a different chemical structure from that of natural Sapphire. From a chemical standpoint, lab-created Sapphires are no different from natural ones and are considered real Sapphires.

Although synthetic and natural Sapphires are virtually identical, there are some very subtle differences that can be detected with the appropriate equipment by a trained Gemologist.

At first glance, White Sapphire may look identical to some other popular colourless stones such as a Diamond, Moissanite, or Topaz. However, White Sapphires tend to display a slightly cloudy white look. It is a natural durable stone that was created under the earth’s surface over millions of years.

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