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Check out this little stunner – a dainty 9ct Yellow Gold disc with a captivating cut-out design featuring the Tree of Life. This pendant is all about charm, measuring 12mm x 20mm, including the bale.

Now, let's clear things up – this listing is for the pendant only. If you're thinking, "Hey, I need a chain to go with this beauty," I've got a recommendation for you – check out this one. It's the perfect match!

So, let's delve into some fascinating folklore, shall we? Back in the day, when the Celts were settling new lands, they had a unique tradition. When they cleared an area for their new digs, they'd leave a single tree standing right in the centre – and that tree became known as the Tree of Life. 🌳

Why, you ask? Well, it wasn't just any tree. This magnificent tree not only provided shelter and sustenance for animals but was also believed to be the guardian of all life on Earth. Talk about a multitasking tree! 🌟

In fact, Celtic tribes had a bit of a house-hunting rule – they'd only set up camp in places where this magical Tree of Life was hanging out. And here's a fun historical tidbit – cutting down your own tribe's Tree of Life was a big no-no in Celtic culture. It was like the worst crime you could commit, so they took their tree guardians very seriously.

Now, with this exquisite pendant, you can carry a piece of that ancient Celtic magic with you. It's not just jewellery; it's a story, a symbol, and a connection to a time when trees held the secrets of life itself. 🌿💫

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