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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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A fierce minimal addition to anyone's jewellery collection. Looks great stacked together with other rings or worn on its own. Its innovative design makes it stylish and perfect to wear on a daily basis. It also looks pretty good when worn on special occasions. We want you to love your jewellery as much as we love taking care of it!

Available in sizes J-S; I would recommend ordering a few sizes larger than your usual. For sizes outside this range please contact me.

Also available in Silver here.

In medieval times gold was considered good for your health, following the belief that something so beautiful and rare had to be good for you. I read recently that over 98% of all of the gold ever mined on our planet is believed to still be in circulation today. As gold effectively acts as a currency and can easily be melted down and converted to cash, this is the main reason why there is so little heritage jewellery that has survived the centuries. It’s not that gold is not durable; it is just the case that very few pieces have survived the various depressions and recessions. Once gold pieces are converted to cash they are normally melted, sold as bullion and then eventually resold to jewellers to manufacture back into jewellery. There is every chance that somebody reading this is wearing an item of gold jewellery, from which a portion of the metal in the piece was once worn by royalty.


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