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Beautiful new fully hallmarked 9 carat Yellow Gold cluster Ring with 39 claw set Diamonds in an open back, galleried setting with Diamond shoulders and a plain graduated shank. The face is a hexagon shape. The stones are very clear with wonderful sparkle; .40cts of H colour, i2 clarity. They are small diamonds, but all together make this ring look utterly amazing. I just love how the 39 diamonds are set in a tiered, almost floral design. It's a fabulous vintage-style piece that really catches the eye.

Available in sizes L-P; for sizes outside this range, please contact me. Also available in White Gold.

LAY-AWAY PAYMENTS ACCEPTED. Layaway payments can be organised weekly or monthly; please contact me for more information regarding my Layaway plan. PayPal required.

Diamonds are extremely rare, with concentrations of at most a few parts per billion in the source rock. Loose Diamonds are also found along existing and ancient shorelines, where they tend to accumulate because of their size and density. There are sources other than the Earth’s mantle for Diamonds; when meteorites strike the ground, the shock wave can produce high enough temperatures and pressures for micro diamonds and nanoDiamonds to form. Popigai crater in Russia may have the world's largest Diamond deposit, estimated at trillions of carats, and formed by an asteroid impact.


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