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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Are you ready to be bedazzled by my exquisite Gold Filigree earrings? These babies are crafted with only the finest material; 9ct Yellow Gold throughout. No plate or fill. The intricate lacework in these earrings is a testament to the level of craftsmanship that goes into making them. You'll be mesmerised by the teeny l'il Gold discs dangling from the bottom of each drop.

And have I mentioned how these stunners will arrive at your doorstep? I take gift-giving to the next level by presenting your precious earrings in my luxurious yet guilt-free fully recycled Christine Alexander gift box. You can spoil your loved ones or spoil yourself - I won't judge.

Curious about the details? These Gold Filigree drops Huggies have a drop length of 2.6cm and a width of 1.5cm. 

Come on, ladies, treat yourself to these gorgeous earrings!

What is filigree, you ask? It's simply a stunning jewellery design that's crafted from thin metal wires, intricately soldered together in mesmerising patterns. This technique dates back to ancient times, with possible roots in the Greek and Etruscan periods. The technique really took off in the 19th century as a lighter style with no underlying base. The term "filigree" comes from Latin, combining "filum" for thread and "granum" for grain - a nod to the intricate patterning of the wires. I am proud to offer you my Gold Filigree Earrings, created with this time-tested technique that's been a favourite for centuries.

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