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Let's talk about these fab Gold fluid hoop earrings – they're not just earrings; they're a bold and shiny statement, a little piece of history, and a dash of style magic! Here's the scoop:

First things first, these earrings are all about adding a bold and shiny twist to your look. The design is as organic as your morning smoothie, and the snap bar closure makes them a breeze to wear, day in and day out. I'm all about keeping things easy and stylish.

But it's the irregular wavy shape of these hoops that makes them extra special. They create a fluid, almost liquid-like surface, giving your ears that unique, eye-catching appeal. And let me tell you, these beauties are crafted from a 9ct Yellow Gold ribbon – no plate, no fill, just Gold. That means they're built to shine for the long haul. They're also tarnish-resistant, perfume-friendly, and waterproof – real Gold that's up for anything!

When you get these lovelies, they'll come in a swanky fully recycled gift box. Because let's be honest, the presentation matters almost as much as the jewellery itself.

Now, let's dive into the fascinating history of hoop earrings. While it seems like hoops are having a moment right now, you'd be surprised to know that they've always been in vogue. These circular wonders date back to the Bronze Age – way, way back. The Minoan civilization, around 2700 to 1100 BC, was rocking hoop earrings in Gold, Silver, and, of course, Bronze. Fast forward to the 4th century in Africa, especially Nubia (now Sudan), and you'll find beautiful hoop earrings. They've been a part of fashion since ancient times.

And hoops have not just graced the pages of history books; they've been rocking pop culture and street style, where they still reign supreme today. In the 1960s, women of colour and entertainers like Cher and Diana Ross were all about the hoop life. Then, in the 80s and 90s, when rap and R&B were taking centre stage, hoop earrings became the epitome of urban style, often adorned with gemstones, names, or phrases.

See, a hoop is a circle, and circles are infinite, just like time. They symbolise life without a beginning or end, which is pretty profound for a piece of jewellery. The circle – it's a classic, timeless shape.

So, let's see which icons of the future will be flaunting hoop earrings when they look back on the styles of this century. Hoops are the style that bridges cultures and ages, and they're here to stay for centuries to come. 💫✨👂

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