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Ah, let's chat about a timeless classic – Pearls! 🌟

So, picture this: a delicate Pearl, about 6mm in size, cradled in 9ct Gold. It's like the perfect little secret, with its setting cleverly tucked away at the back to let that Pearl shine at the front. 😍✨

Now, hold on, before you ask, the chain is sold separately. But hey, that gives you the freedom to pick the one that suits your style best. Mix and match, darling! 💃

Now, about Pearls – they're quite unique in the gem world. They're like the cool kids who hang out with other organic gems like Coral, Amber, and Jet. Here's the deal: if a pesky grain of sand or something sneaks into a mollusc (that's a fancy word for shellfish), it starts irritating the little creature. So, what does it do? It's like, "Nope, not having this!" and starts coating the intruder with a silky substance called Nacre. 🌊🐚

Now, we might romanticise the idea of natural Pearls forming in the depths of the sea, discovered by brave divers. But hold on, there's a catch. It can be pretty harsh on the environment. Enter cultured Pearls, our eco-friendly heroes! They're grown in Pearl farms, making sure we don't harm precious places like protected Coral Reefs. Good news – about 99% of today's Pearls are cultured. 🌱🌏

Speaking of which, cultured freshwater Pearls are real gems. They're mainly produced in China, although Japan and the United States give it a whirl too, but on a smaller scale. 💧🌏

Now, here's a tip – Pearls are like your besties. Wear them often; your body's natural oils keep them looking fabulous. But remember to keep them away from the likes of household chemicals, perfume, makeup, and hair spray. You wouldn't want your Pearls to have a bad hair day, would you? 💁‍♀️💄

And guess what, if you're a June baby, you're in luck! Pearl is your birthstone, along with Moonstone and Alexandrite. How cool is that? 🌟🎉

So there you have it, a Pearl that's both classic and kind to the planet. A gem you'll cherish for a lifetime. ✨👑

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