rUBY is the birthstone for July and all my Ruby pieces are currently discounted. Also Peridot pieces are a bargain right now (you can get ahead for those August birthdays)! Discount added at checkout. Please message me with any questions!💎💕


Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Get ready to elevate those lobes to rockstar status with the ultimate ear candy – behold, the 9ct Yellow Gold tiny Garnet hoop earrings! These hoops aren't just earrings; they're like little bursts of January glamour for your ears. And guess what? You can choose the solo sensation or go all out with a dazzling pair. Gift-ready? Absolutely! Because when you're treating yourself, you deserve the full glam experience – branded recycled box included.

Crafted from nothing but 9ct Gold, these hoops are here to prove that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Internal diameter? A charming 8mm – small but mighty, just like you.

Now, about those Garnets – these hoops are flaunting .28cts of Almandine Garnets. January birthdays, rejoice! This fiery gem, the birthstone for January, is here to make your ear game as bold as your personality. And who knew Garnets could be so diverse? Forget just red; they're the chameleons of the gem world.

Feeling a bit 'extra' but need some financial wiggle room? No worries! Layaway is here to save the day. Pay in instalments over up to six months, interest-free. Flexible terms, because why rush fabulousness? Hit me up to start the layaway party. Oh, and PayPal is your golden ticket to this bling-filled wonderland.

Quick PSA: Treat these beauties with love – check for loose stones and give them a break during heavy-duty activities. And remember, household cleaners and swimming pool chlorine are like kryptonite for Gold and gems.

Oh, and a little FYI for those voluptuous lobes out there – if you're blessed with thicker earlobes, this tiny hoop might not be your ear BFF. Measure twice, sparkle once! Because, sorry darling, no refunds or exchanges on pierced perfection. 💫✨

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