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These charming Horseshoe Stamp Earring Studs are meticulously crafted in 14k stamped gold. Not only are they stylish, but they're also incredibly comfy and lightweight. You can practically leave them nestled in your piercings forever – that's how easygoing they are! And you know what? They make a delightful gift, whether you're treating yourself or surprising a fellow horse enthusiast.

Now, here's the lowdown: These earrings are wonderfully thin and light at approx 8x8mm, which is why we can offer them at such an irresistible price. But before you slip them into your cart, let's chat a bit about the fascinating world of horseshoes and luck.

Horseshoes have been entwined with notions of luck for eons, and there's even a curious connection to Saint Dunstan. But what does horseshoe luck really mean, and can a simple horseshoe charm bring good fortune? Believe it or not, countless folks swear by it.

From ancient times, the U-shaped or crescent symbol has been associated with protection and luck. The ancient Greeks saw the horseshoe shape as a representation of the crescent moon, linked to the moon goddesses Artemis and Diana. However, the most intriguing reference to horseshoes as a protective and lucky symbol hails from ancient England, specifically from the time of a chap named Dunstan (909 – 988 AD).

Dunstan had quite the run-in with the Devil, or so the legend goes. While working as a blacksmith, he supposedly nailed a horseshoe to a certain horse. Turns out, this horse was no ordinary equine; it was the Devil in disguise. The horseshoe caused the Devil some serious distress, and he begged Dunstan to remove it. But there was a catch – Dunstan made the Devil promise never to enter a home displaying a horseshoe.

And thus, the horseshoe became a symbol of protection and all-around goodness. Dunstan's story is rooted in Somerset, where he was born. From an early age, he was deeply devoted to religious life and even believed to have created the famous image of Christ with a little kneeling monk beside him, now kept at Glastonbury.

Dunstan's encounters with the Devil didn't stop there. In one famous tale, he resisted temptation and gave Lucifer's nose a pinch with a red-hot pair of smithing tongs. This man's life's work revived monastic life in England and transformed the English Church. No wonder he became a Saint. Because of his early days as a blacksmith, he also became the patron saint of English blacksmiths, goldsmiths, and silversmiths.

But does the spiritual meaning of the horseshoe still hold today? Absolutely. You'll find numerous schools and charities across the UK (and the world) dedicated to St. Dunstan, particularly in his Somerset stomping grounds (including Glastonbury). Many churches worldwide bear his name too.

Gifts fashioned from horseshoes or adorned with horseshoe shapes are famous for all kinds of occasions where luck, protection, and warding off bad luck are paramount. Besides the plain horseshoe that can be hung at home or work, horseshoe charms often grace jewellery like earrings, bracelets, and pendant necklaces. Back in the day, sailors would nail a horseshoe to their ship's mast to steer clear of bad weather and calamities.

Now, here's a little twist: how do you hang a horseshoe for good luck? What does it mean when it's upside down? Well, sailors typically nail it "facing up" to catch all that falling luck. But fishermen, who are also skilled sailors, tend to hang horseshoes "upside down" so that any luck drifts down into their nets. But the truth is, it doesn't matter much. It's the thought, the belief in the charm's magic, and its effects that count. As you explore pictures of horseshoes hanging all over the world and adorning jewellery, you'll see them in various orientations.

So, whether you hang it up, wear it close, or gift it to a friend, a horseshoe carries with it the good-will and faith in its symbolism, bringing luck and guarding against misfortune. 🐴🍀

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