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This beautiful 9ct Gold Jesus pendant is very luxurious. The quality is impeccable. The design catches the light even at night. I like that he is looking directly at you, rather than to the heavens as in most examples of this type of religious pendant. 

22.5mm long (including jump ring) x 9mm wide. Weight approx 1g; this charm is hollow.

When shopping for hollow jewellery, there are, as always, some cons to keep in mind. First and most importantly, thin-walled hollow jewellery dents if not treated with care.  Hollow pieces also just don’t last as long as a solid version of the same item.  Some hollow jewellery is thick enough to be repaired without risk or damage, but some simply cannot. So take good care of it, and be aware it is not advisable to wear hollow pieces daily.

Ah, you know who He was...

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