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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Alright, brace yourselves for these absolute stunners: we've got some 9ct Yellow Gold hoop earrings, no plate or fill, with Cubic Zirconia gemstones shining in a lush emerald green. Trust me, nobody's gonna doubt their authenticity when they catch sight of these huggies – they're the real deal! Plus, they're super versatile, perfect for mixing and matching with any other earrings in your collection to create your own unique vibe.

Talk about cute and authentic gold earrings that'll elevate any outfit, any occasion. With an 8mm internal diameter and 2.5mm width, they're just the right size to make a statement without stealing the show. And here's the best part: the stones are channel set, so no pesky claws get tangled up in your hair – thank me later!

Oh, and did I mention they come in a fully recycled Christine Alexander gift box? Sold as a pair, of course. But hey, fair warning: if you've got thicker earlobes, these tiny hoops might not be the perfect fit – better check before you hit that buy button 'cause refunds and exchanges on pierced jewellery. Not happening.

Now, let's talk layaway, 'cause who doesn't love a payment plan? Weekly or monthly, it's all good – just make sure you've got PayPal handy.

And speaking of gems, let's give Cubic Zirconia its moment, shall we? Sure, Diamonds are fab, but CZ? Brilliant, flawless, and ethical – not to mention way more affordable.In this economy? It's time to ditch the Diamond dreams and rock something equally gorgeous. And remember, take care of your jewellery, folks – store 'em in a soft pouch away from sunlight, and keep those gems scratch-free.

Got questions or special requests? Hit me up, I'm here to help. And hey, if you're feeling the love, give me a follow on Instagram or a like on Facebook – let's spread the sparkle! 🌟

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