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Dive into the glam with this Amethyst & Diamond dazzler—a Yellow Gold sensation in my fabulous collection. Picture this: a majestic purple Amethyst, an oval rock star, held in a claw set with Diamonds on the side, all laid out on a bed of gold. It's practically a royal entourage for your finger, and guess what? The inside flaunts a full UK hallmark. Talk about regal.

This ring, weighing in at a dainty 1.9 grams, is a charmer. The Amethyst, a whopping 9x7mm, steals the show with nine Diamonds on each side, racking up a cool .10cts. Ideal gift? Oh, absolutely. Treat for yourself? Why the heck not?

For sizing, I've got UK sizes J-Q (US 5-8.5) on speed dial. Need a special size? Let's chat.

This stunner isn't a loner. Light Swiss Blue Topaz, Morganite, and White Gold with London Blue Topaz want in on the action too. Can't find the links? No worries, a quick shout-out and we'll sort it.

A quick tip: My macro lens gets up close and personal for those Insta-worthy shots, making things look bigger on screen. Read the deets for actual dimensions—no surprises, promise.

Let's talk Gold, darling. Symbol Au, atomic number 79, is a rockstar in the periodic table. It's resistant to most acids but spills its secrets in aqua regia. Gold is the VIP of metals, used for refining and the infamous 'acid test.'

February's pride, Amethyst, struts its stuff, cosying up to Pisces, Aries, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Diamonds, rare as a unicorn sighting, may have their secret stash in the Popigai crater. Oh, and keep your jewels away from the spotlight—strong light can fade these beauties. Remember: Amethyst, Ametrine, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Beryl, Citrine, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, and Smokey Quartz are drama queens under the sun.

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