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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

Regular price £265.00

Classic stud earrings featuring 6x4mm oval cut hand set Emerald gemstones with solid 9ct gold fittings. Presented in a luxury Christine Alexander gift box as standard.

A matching Pendant is available here.

All of our Emerald jewellery can be found here.

These studs are also available with Amethyst, Ruby, Morganite or Sapphire, and in White Gold with Sapphire or Tanzanite.

LAYAWAY: I offer layaway, which allows you to pay in instalments with no interest over a maximum time period of six months. This item could be paid for with:

A deposit of £89

2 instalments of £88

3 instalments of £58.65

4 instalments of £44

5 instalments of £35.20

Terms are flexible. Please contact me to initiate. PayPal required. You do not receive the item until fully paid for. See my Policies page for Ts&Cs.

All gemstones can be damaged through wear and tear. Make sure you check for loose stones or damaged claws periodically. Always take your jewellery off whenever you are doing activities that might cause damage. Remember that household cleaners and chlorine in swimming pools can damage gold and many gems.

To own an Emerald is to own a piece of history, a piece of nature and a work of art. With its array of inclusions and clouds, the gem is not famed for its crystal clarity, but is steeped in so much history that we automatically ignore the gem’s imperfections when we study a piece and accept that these impurities are simply “the fingerprints of Mother Nature”.  Its price is often greater than Diamonds of a similar carat weight. Some Emeralds have an almost velvety appearance and are one of only a few gems where inclusions are not only tolerated but considered to be part of the gem’s character. Its name is derived from the Greek word “smaragdos”, a label given to a number of gems with the colour green in common.

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