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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Behold, the 9ct Yellow Gold bespoke marvel, a personalised initial ring that's not just a piece of jewellery – it's an ode to your uniqueness. Crafted with the precision of a ninja chef slicing sashimi, this bad boy is cut from a 9.6-gram blank initial ring block, making it more exclusive than a backstage pass at a rock concert.

Let's talk design, shall we? Picture this – Rolex-style watch strap shoulders, because why settle for ordinary when you can have wristwatch chic on your fingers? This ain't your grandma's initial ring; it's a bespoke masterpiece. You get to choose the letters, and I'll weave them into a personalised symphony of gold. The finished weight? Well, that depends on the letters you fancy. Each bespoke beauty is made to order, ensuring it's as unique as a fingerprint, and it takes a cool 10-14 days to hit your doorstep.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – bespoke, personalised, and engraved items are like tattoos; once they're on, they're on. No returns, darling. So, make sure you're committed before taking the plunge.

What makes this initial ring the showstopper it is? It's not just bling; it's a narrative. Your choice of two initial letters in a block font – a tale of identity and significance. This isn't just a ring; it's a meaningful gift for someone who's as one-of-a-kind as this bespoke piece.

Sizes, you ask? We've got a range from P to Z, but if you're thinking beyond the alphabet, and need a different size, hit me up. Just a heads-up – different sizes might bring a bit more weight to the party.

Now, let's talk logistics. Layaway? Oh, it's on the menu. You want this bespoke beauty, but your wallet's giving you a side-eye? No problemo. Message me, and we'll sort you out. A small non-refundable deposit is the only gateway to custom Gold goodness.

Drop your initial dreams in the "message to the seller" – it's like sending a golden letter to your future self. And when this bespoke baby arrives, it won't just be a ring; it'll be a revelation. Thank you for making eyes at this custom initial ring – you've got excellent taste. 💍✨

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