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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Dive into the world of handcrafted elegance with these 9ct Yellow Gold stud earrings, adorned with mesmerising round Labradorite stones. Their classic checkerboard cut adds a touch of timeless beauty to the design. But wait, there's more to this collection! You can find the matching pendant, drop earrings, a stunning long station necklace, and an exquisite bracelet in separate listings.

Stamped with the hallmark 375 for 9ct Gold, these beauties are meticulously handmade in the workshop near Chester by my trusted supplier.

The stones themselves boast a generous 7mm diameter and exhibit a lovely depth that's simply enchanting.

What sets Labradorite apart? Well, it's a gem shrouded in captivating legends. Some say it has the power to guide you towards your true self, helping you become the person you're destined to be. According to Inuit folklore, a long, long time ago, the Northern Lights graced the skies and eventually found themselves trapped within the rocks off the coast of Labrador. An Inuit warrior, drawn to these trapped lights, attempted to set them free. He struck the rocks repeatedly with his spear, but alas, he couldn't release them all. The legend tells us that some of these lights still reside within the magnificent stones known as Labradorite. So, when you wear a piece of Labradorite jewellery, imagine that you're adorned with your very own slice of the Northern Lights. It's a truly enchanting thought.

Please bear in mind that these are natural stones, and as such, they may exhibit variations in pattern and color compared to the images shown. Each piece is unique, just like you.


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