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This dazzling pair of two-tier Emerald earrings isn't just a treat; it's a well-deserved reward for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Each earring boasts a double layer of genuine gemstones: a petite 4mm round Emerald paired with a larger 6x4 mm pear-cut Emerald that gracefully dangles below. Nestled within a 9ct Yellow Gold setting, these Emeralds are securely claw-set into an open 'basket,' allowing light to dance behind them, showcasing their stunning colours to the fullest.

But wait, the beauty doesn't stop there. You also have the option to adorn these lovely earrings with Ruby or Sapphire gemstones, adding even more versatility to your collection.

The total length of these exquisite drops of elegance is approximately 12mm.

Now, here's something extra special – I offer a layaway payment option. It's super flexible, with weekly or monthly payment plans available. Just get in touch, and we'll iron out the details. And remember, PayPal is your go-to for this convenient option.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that over 90 per cent of Emeralds are fracture-filled? Because the majority of natural Emeralds contain these filled fractures, it's essential to handle them with care when cleaning. Ultrasonic or steam cleaning can risk weakening these already-fractured stones. To keep your Emeralds looking their best, stick to a gentle cleanse using warm, soapy water and a light scrub. As an added tip, if you own an Emerald, like my very own engagement ring, it's a good practice to immerse it in oil overnight every few years. This helps replace any lost oil during cleaning and ensures your stone stays as radiant as ever.

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