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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

Regular price £65.00

These small delicate solid recycled 9ct Yellow Gold stud earrings are perfect for everyday wear.

Each pair is made by melting down gold into small spheres, which are then hammered flat to create a circle. Each individual earring is approx 7mm in diameter and comes with 9ct Gold butterfly fastenings.

Also available in 9ct Rose and White Gold. 

Be aware that I use a macro lens to photograph my items close up and allow you to see details, this may make them appear bigger on the screen than in person, so please make sure you read the dimensions and weights listed for clarification.

Totality, perfection, unity, eternity; the circle is a symbol of completeness that can include ideas of both permanence and dynamism. Apart from the point or centre, with which it shares much of its symbolism, the circle is the only geometric shape without divisions and is alike at all points. Because the circle, which can also represent a sphere, is a form potentially without a beginning or end, it is the most important and universal of all geometric symbols in mystic thought.

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