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Behold these marvellous Saturn drop earrings, fashioning a subtly galactic allure and graced by a tiny Cubic Zirconia gemstone that dangles below the ear stud. Crafted in resplendent 9ct Gold, they exude a wonderfully glowing vibe.

Now, when I stumbled upon these celestial wonders, I knew I had to have them in stock. You see, it all goes back to an early date with my now-husband. Picture this: He whisks me away to peer through his telescope, and there, in the velvety night sky, I caught my first glimpse of Saturn. It was nothing short of magical. Now, I view that teeny CZ gem as our very own moon. But let's not forget, that Saturn is surrounded by a celestial entourage of moons, and they are nothing short of AMAZING! Saturn boasts a whopping 62 moons, as far as we know. Take Titan, for example. It's the second-largest moon in the entire Solar System (second only to Jupiter's Ganymede). Titan rocks a nitrogen-rich Earth-like atmosphere and a landscape that's a real head-turner, complete with dry river networks and hydrocarbon lakes you won't find anywhere else in the solar system.

And then there's Enceladus. This moon is a real mystery wrapped in an enigma. Its chemical makeup is similar to that of comets, and it shoots out jets of gas and dust into space. This could be a clue that there's liquid water hiding beneath its southern polar region, maybe even a global ocean beneath its icy shell.

Now, let's not forget about Saturn's iconic rings. They're like the jewellery of the cosmos, and they have a fascinating backstory too. They're believed to be the remnants of a moon that ventured a bit too close to Saturn's gravitational pull and got torn apart. Fascinating, right? By the way, if you're as enchanted by the cosmos as I am, I highly recommend watching "The Planets" with Prof. Brian Cox. It's a cosmic journey that's an absolute must-see. You can catch it on iPlayer.

So, these Saturn earrings aren't just jewellery; they're like a little piece of the universe you can wear, a reminder of the wonders that sparkle above us every night.

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