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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Behold, a petite star cartilage stud earring, cast in solid 9ct Gold. This little dazzler boasts a 5mm stud, complete with a trusty Gold post and screwball back for that all-day comfort. Talk about a perfect companion for your everyday adventures!

Check out the specs: it's got a bar length of 6mm, a 1mm diameter, and it's rockin' an 18-gauge. Plus, the ball on this starry number measures 3mm in diameter.

Now, let's journey back to medieval times, where Gold was more than just a shiny metal; it was a symbol of health and vitality. The prevailing belief was that something as beautiful and rare as Gold had to be good for you. Fast forward to today, and an astonishing fact emerges: over 98% of all the Gold ever mined on our beloved planet is still in circulation.

But why, you ask? Well, it's because Gold is not just pretty, it's also practical. You see, Gold essentially acts as a currency. It's effortlessly transformed into cash, thanks to its meltability. And this, my friends, is precisely why so little heritage jewellery from centuries past remains intact.

It's not because Gold lacks durability; it's more about the challenges these pieces have faced through various economic downturns. Once Gold items are turned into cash, they often take on new forms. They're melted down, sold as bullion, and eventually find their way back to jewellers, where they're born anew as jewellery. So, it's entirely possible that you, dear reader, are wearing a Golden treasure that once graced royalty. 🌟👑

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