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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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My star necklace is made of 9ct Gold... The trail of asymmetric stars creates a piece of beautiful jewellery and makes a perfect gift or a unique necklace just for you. Shining but chic, simple but unique, elegant but easy to wear, the necklace is ready to be your favourite piece of jewellery or become the perfect gift for your loved one. Give it to her and make her smile and.. shine! Perfect for layering after the current fashion.

18" in length, the necklace is lovingly wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

For as long as we have had eyes to see we have lifted them upwards to the stars for assurance and guidance. By their very design, they instil wonder in the deepest parts of our hearts and allow hope to spring forth. Stars are often encountered as esoteric symbols, and the meaning of any particular star depends on the number of points it has and sometimes the orientation of these points as well. As a light shining in the darkness, the star is often considered a symbol of truth, the spirit and of hope. Their nocturnal nature leads stars to represent the struggle against the forces of darkness and the unknown, as suggested by Carl Jung's use of the Mithraic saying - "I am a star which goes with thee and shines out of the depths."


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