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Introducing the Tsavorite hoop earrings – because regular ear candy is so last season! These 9ct Yellow Gold stunners are the VIPs of the earring world. Picture this: a single hoop or a power duo, gift-ready and nestled in a branded recycled box. These hoops are like that one friend who's always on point – made using 9ct Gold and nothing else. The internal diameter? A cool 8mm. Because we're all about making a statement, even in the tiniest details.

And now, drumroll, please – LAYAWAY! Let's break the shackles of instant payments. You can own these beauties through instalments, with no interest, over up to six months. Flexibility is the name of the game. Slide into my DMs to kick off the layaway magic. And you guessed it – PayPal is our trusty sidekick. You'll be the proud owner once the final penny drops. Check out my Policies page for the Ts&Cs – because every fairytale has its rules.

Now, let's talk Tsavorite. This gem is like the superstar of greens, with a refractive index that's the envy of others. Tiffany & Co. even put its weight behind Tsavorite in 1974, and since then, it's been giving Emerald a run for its money. Fun fact: Tsavorite is said to warm the heart and boost the immune system – perfect for the crystal believers among us. And here's the lowdown – sources in Kenya are drying up faster than a dessert in a heatwave. Invest wisely, my friend, because prices are on the rise.

But wait, there's more! Garnet, the OG gem, gets a shoutout. From Noah's Ark to Aztecs, Egyptians to British Royalty – Garnet has been the ultimate love token. It even supposedly illuminated the darkest rooms. Legends aside, Garnet's fluorescent charm is a showstopper. And who doesn't want a bit of mystique in their gem collection?

Quick gem etiquette – all gemstones need TLC. Check for loose stones or worn claws regularly. When in doubt, take your bling off for activities that might play rough. And keep it away from household cleaners and chlorine – they're the villains in this gem tale.

FYI: Thicker earlobes, beware – this tiny hoop might play hard to get. Ensure the fit is perfection before hitting that purchase button. No refunds or exchanges on pierced jewellery, because we keep it real. 💎✨

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