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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Hey, you lovers of a modern twist on tradition! Feast your peepers on these Yellow and White Gold hoop earrings, doing the elegant twist dance in 9-carat Gold. These beauties are like a medieval-meets-modern fantasy, with a 19.5mm diameter that's practically screaming, "Wear me and conquer the world."

And guess what? Your gorgeous new accessories come in a Christine Alexander branded gift box – because even your earrings deserve a grand entrance.

Now, let's take a whimsical stroll down history – medieval style. Back then, Gold wasn't just for looking fabulous; it was practically a health tonic. Because, obviously, something as stunning and rare as Gold had to be good for you, right? Fun fact: over 98% of all the Gold ever mined is still strutting its stuff on our planet. Gold, the eternal show-off, effectively acts like currency. It's a chameleon, easily melted down and turned into cash. But here's the plot twist – that's precisely why we don't have a ton of ancient bling lying around. It's not that Gold isn't tough; it's just that surviving economic rollercoasters is no joke. Once those Gold pieces turn into cash, they often get a makeover – melted, sold as bullion, and then reborn as new jewellery. So, if you're rocking some Gold right now, there's a solid chance that a smidge once adorned royalty. Talk about a regal twist to your everyday glam! 👑✨

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